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If you have chronic problems, you can not get any water at all. For this case, the stop lamps of the 3rd stop lamp are removed first, and if everything is OK, for example if the tip does not come out, glass water is filled, etc. the hose is broken. To find the broken hose, there is a hose that ruptures starting from the left luggage junction of the cargo to the luggage compartment. For this purpose, you will distribute the right hand side of the vehicle, the broken claws, the wires will fly in the air, and you will reach the broken horn. The hortum starts to think about how to make additions, and the attachments in the aquarium come to mind. If you do not follow this, you will see the plumbing fixtures in the grocery store, and if you do not follow this, you will find dripping inserts in the garden section and you will try to fix an attachment and broken cables. The cable is not so stiff, it does not catch any kind of flammable materials such as lighters, soften and plug it again and again when there is no additional break, if you want to break away from another place, finish the process and go on with the happiness that comes with glass water coming. Here's the picture.